Thursday, February 19, 2009

And....We're Back!

OK, OK! So it's only been..what? 2 months since my last post? Sorry to all of my cyber friends out there, and I know their are a lot of you (pretty much just you, Annee!)

Well, I guess I don't have any really great excuses except that, well actually I did come up with a few!

-We bought a house at the end of December and with that, we had to move ALL of our stuff...AGAIN!

-The second week in January Todd had knee surgery. So now, not only am I a taxi driver, a referee, a maid, a chef, a tutor, a housekeeper, a handy-man, a beautician, and an entertainer....but now I am a nurse!

-Did I mention I am a mother of 6....yes, 6!

-I am in the middle of training for a Ragnar Relay Race that is in 1o days. The run is from Flagstaff to Tempe. I've been pounding the pavement a little more these last couple of months running. er, a, jogging? maybe more like shuffling!?! fine! walk, jog, skip, shuffle, gallop...whatever!

-I went on a nice, long, warm, relaxing, kid-free vacation by myself! OK, so I lied! I went for a weekend to UT. But I was pretty much kid free so that's all that really matters, right?

-All I have to say is 3 letters...R S V! Yes, Maddox and Rigdon are just getting over RSV. Good thing I'm a nurse!

-So here I am @ 2:00am writing a post. I am so going to pay for this tomorrow, but it was nice to cross this off my to do list and catch up with you.

-And one more reason....probably the most important! We FINALLY got our Internet service today!!! YEAH for modern technology.


Annee said...

Thanks for the shout out. You better believe I'm your number 1 fan. I can't believe on top of everything else you get to be training for a race. I'm jealous. I wish I could come visit you in your new house. Those babies are already getting big! Wow. You are doing a great job. I miss you.

megan allen said...

Holy cow! That picture is so cute! YOu really have been busy! YOu better take care of yourself girl :)