Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Utah or Bust

So here I am with my "Utah Mom, and my Utah Sister!" When we moved into our house in Brigham City 8 years ago, that beautiful red-head next to me sorta adopted me and my little family. (You cant see it or tell but I am the "tall" daughter. I am 5'10 and these two on either side of me maybe can claim 4'11....maybe on a spectacular day. I must be kneeling down!?!)

Anyway, the hot blond on the other side of me is Candace Jensen the daughter of Debbie (the fiery red-head) Do you follow? K.

A little over a year ago I set Candace up with a relative of a friend and.....Yep! 1st comes love, then comes marriage, then comes a baby in a baby carriage! So Candace and her cute husband Colby are having a little girl any minute...all because of me (you too Nicole-you know I love ya). So that was my excuse for going to UT for Candace's baby shower.....that and if I didn't go somewhere soon, I might not be here today. I decided to surprise Chase and take him with me for his birthday.

FYI: I know what your thinking and your right! I do have the best husband for letting me go and never complaining that he had to stay home and be Mr. MOM. (He did however try to talk me into taking the babies with me but I think he was doing that just to make sure I was coming back!)

Levi and Chase have been BFF's since pre-school. It was a surprise for both of them to see each other when Chase got there. Chase didn't know he was going until about 2 hrs. before we left. When I told him he got teary eyed or as he likes to say "his eyes were sweaty." He couldn't stop smiling and saying thank you. When they saw each other its like they picked up right where they left off-they didn't even skip a beat!

When it was time to leave I lost it cause Chase and Levi got a little misty.
Don't worry Levi, you haven't seen the last of us yet!

I had so much fun seeing old friends and catching up! This weekend was one big Girls Night Out...and I really needed it. Thanks for the fun times Adriane and Mindy!

It was so nice to see my BFF Becky. It felt like I just saw her last week. Hmmm, I guess it was last week. We went out to dinner and to a Boutique (you looked hot by the way) and did a little shopping. It's always a party when I'm with Becky. We can be all glammed up and go out, or wear our pj's and stay home and watch the Grammies.

I miss those days Becky!!!


BECKY and DAVID said...

You have been busy!! But then again you are super mom, I am serious!! My house is on the way to your old home town. You should stop by on your way up there next time. Congrats on the new house! BTW your kids are adorable!

megan allen said...

Wow! YOu and Becky are HOT!

Mindy said...

We can't wait to come see you!! Thank you so much for coming and letting us have Chase! He is such a good boy and we love him!!!! :)

Adrianne said...

Hey - It was so fun seeing you again. You looked great (as usual) and Jaden was glad to see Chase. He said it was the best surprise ever!! We will come visit some time and let Ady and Ellie play. She reminds me daily! You need to send me your email, cuz I am probably going to set my blog up as private at the end of the month. Talk to you later -:)