Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Happy Birthday Chase!

So while we were in Utah, Chase's Utah mom, aka "Mindy Griffin" was nice enough to throw Chase a birthday party and invited all of his old friends.

Chase had so much fun and is still bragging it up to his older brothers.

Thanks Mindy for making this trip so memorable for Chase. How can we ever repay you? The Griffins are so sweet to Chase and have asked me on more then one occasion if they could just keep Chase..... sorry guys. I promise we will come and visit soon. Now it's your turn to come see us in AZ. By the way, Mindy and Jason have three adorable boys and are expecting a girl this summer! CONGRATS!!! Everyone needs at least one "Drama Queen" in the family. In our case we can only handle one. (We love you Ellie Faye!)

Chase has decided to wait until Grandma and Grandpa can come to AZ next month to get baptized. We can't wait. Happy Birthday Chase! I Love You!

Chase and his buddies: Alex, Cooper, Ryan, Jaden, Levi, Conley, Ronnie, Chase, and Caleb!

Thanks for coming guys. Chase's birthday will not soon be forgotten!

Chase and "Cooper Duke Clark Laing Jensen!"

We get the biggest kick out of Cooper who is Candace Jensen's son. It was no accident that these two boys were brought together. We would claim him as one of our fact I think Todd has on occasion.

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megan allen said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHASE! WE LOVE YOU TOO! I'm so glad he decided to wait for the baptism! I'm so glad we get to go!